Botox can be Prescribed by Your Doctor

February 22, 2010 at 1:40 am 1 comment

Botox is widely known as a beauty product used to reduce winkles.

It works really well for that because it prevents the neurotransmitters from contracting the muscles it is injected into. The wrinkles disappear because the muscle is completely relaxed.

Botox (botulinum toxin) is a toxin produced by botulism bacteria and it is extremely dangerous in sizable doses. Doses are measured in MU (mouse units). They’re called mouse units because it’s the quantity of toxin required to kill 50% of mice of a specific weight, strain and sex.

In fact, due to the prevalence of this bacteria in honey, it is not advisable to feed babies honey.

Despite its danger and common use for vanity, there are a number of reasons why your doctor may actually prescribe it.

Because it blocks muscle contractions, there are many cases where involuntary muscle contraction can be problematic. The most common case is writer’s cramp (focal dystonia). Everybody gets writer’s cramp if they write long enough, but it can be severe enough to completely paralyze your hand. Botox can relieve these symptoms and restore movement in the hand.

Clenching muscles in the back of the neck can cause severe headaches, using botox in these muscles can offer relief.

If you listen to Diame Reemes on NPR, you’ve probably heard her straining voice. She has regular voice treatments for spastic voice. This is often treated by injecting the muscles that connect to the voice box with Botox, forcing them to relax which makes speech much clearer.

Torticollis is a condition where someone’s neck is turned to one side and they can cannot turn it back. Botox can help with this by relieving the muscle contractions that cause it.

Botox is not just for making your lips big, it is an important treatment for serious illness.

Special thanks to Dr Ryan Walsh for the suggestion, info and help with this post.

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Sources: Botulism, Mouse Units, Diane Reemes, Torticollis, Medical Uses, Uses for Headaches

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  • 1. Rex  |  July 25, 2010 at 2:27 am

    I believe that collagen is used to make lips bigger, not Botox.


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