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Emoticons and Other Facebook Tricks

By Kaye Nemec

In almost seven years, Facebook has captured over 600 million users and that number continues to grow. The ‘powers that be’ are constantly changing, updating and tweaking Facebook. While most people wait to see the new and exciting features from each update, you can read on for a few features you can try the next time you log in.

Bold Characters

Surround your text with stars to get bold text in the chat box. For example: *Hi! How are you?* will show up as Hi! How are you?

Underlined Characters

Surround your text with underscores to get underlined text in the chat box. For example: _I’m doing well. How are you doing?_ will show up as I’m doing well. How are you doing


There are several different shapes you can use when chatting.

<(“) = penguin

(^^^) = shark

<3 = heart

:putnam:  = man’s head/face

The list of smiley faces you can use in chat is lengthy, but here are a few unique options:

8-) = glasses

:-* = lips

8-| = sunglasses

O:) = angel

:|] = robot

Use alt + any combination of numbers on the number pad to add characters to your status, chat and posts. For example:

Alt+14 =

Alt+13 =

Alt+3 =

Alt+5 =

Alt+36 = $


When you’re friends with co-workers or family members, there may come a time when your one-of-a-kind status might not be something that one of these ‘friends’ would appreciate. Here’s how to select who gets to read your status and who doesn’t.

  1. On your profile page click in the ‘status box.’
  2. Click on the pad lock icon so a drop down menu appears.
  3. Choose ‘customize.’
  4. In the ‘These People’ box select ‘specific people’ and type in who you would like to be able to see your status. Or, if there are just a few people you’d like it hidden from, simply fill in the ‘Hide this from these people’ box and click ‘Save Setting.’

Linking to Other Profiles

Interested in linking to someone’s name in your status? Simply type @Joe Smith and a drop down menu will appear. Once Joe’s name appears and you click on it, it will show up as a blue hyperlink in your status, but the @ sign will disappear.

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Arial is Not a Font

Arial is a typeface (aka “font family”). In fact, what many people refer to as “fonts” are actually “typefaces.”

The meaning of the word “font” has been butchered since the introduction of desktop publishing in the mid 1980s.

What is the true meaning? Directly from Wikipedia, “… a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface.”

In other words, a font is a specific version of a typeface. Arial is a typeface, and 12-point Arial Italic is a font. 14-point Arial Italic is a different font in the Arial font family.

Changing the size of text on a computer is not a significant amount of work, so it might seem silly to think that you’re actually changing the font when you do this. Especially since we think of the font as just the typeface and not its size or style. But, this terminology made a lot of sense before desktop publishing.

The first printing presses used characters that were carved from wood and arranged in order to form a complete sentence, although they were glyphs rather than Latin characters.

This evolved into more modern systems that used metal characters that were more durable. At that time, changing the size of a typeface was a lot of work — it meant you had to pull all of the letters out and reassemble the words with a different set of metal pieces. (more…)

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