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Serial Killers Were Once Associated With Vampires and Werewolves

By Chad Upton | Editor

The more new things I learn, the more I realize how little we truly know about our world. Although we’ve made incredible discoveries and developed amazing technology, many things have yet be explained. Throughout history, supernatural beings have been used to explain the otherwise unexplainable. Serial murder is one unusual example.

When a string of brutal murders happened in pre-modern times, it was not attributed to a person, but rather a supernatural force. This was particularly true when the murders appeared to be done in a similar or ritualistic manner.

In 16th century Europe, stories of vampires and werewolves became intertwined with serial murder cases. One legendary character is the werewolf who is associated with brutal mutilations during full moons.

In the year 1573, a French man was arrested for a series of gruesome attacks and murders that included strangulation and cannibalism. The court took him very seriously when he claimed that he was a werewolf. Although he was punished, this was a legitimate explanation for his crimes.

Another famous werewolf was Peter Stumpp, a German farmer executed in 1589 for his killing and cannibalization of sixteen people. He confessed to practicing black magic which he claims earned him a magic belt from the devil. The belt allegedly gave him the ability to morph into a wolf who could devour animals and humans. This earned him the nickname, “The Werewolf of Bedburg.”

Because of his alleged supernatural powers, people were very  worried that he would return from the grave, so his execution was particularly gruesome. They sentenced him to the wheel where flesh was torn from his body, then they broke his bones with an axe before they beheaded and burned his body — you know, just to be sure he was dead.

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