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Transport Suit Jackets Inside-Out to Prevent Lint

By Chad Upton | Editor

Between high school and college, I had a sales job that required a suit and tie. I learned a lot at that job, more than I probably realized at the time — about operations, sales, security, people and life itself.

I often carpooled with my friend Ryan and I’ll never forget the little secret he passed on from his dad Tim.

Before you get in a car wearing a suit jacket, take the jacket off and turn it partially inside-out: loosely fold it along the middle of the back so the inside of the jacket is on the outside, leaving the sleeves wrapped inside. Then place it flat on the back seat or in the trunk to prevent the jacket from wrinkling or getting lint or stains on the outside of it.

It’s not very comfortable to wear a suit jacket in a car, so you’ll probably take it off anyway. Folding it inside out will cut down on lint rollers and dry cleaning.

Broken Secrets

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Why Suit Jacket Pockets are Sewn Shut

By Chad Upton | Editor

Men’s suit jackets have their pockets sewn shut at the factory.

They do this so the pockets aren’t deformed by countless men as they try on the jackets. In some cases, there aren’t any real pockets anyway, but the flaps, buttons and seems are sewn to look like pockets are there.

If the jacket does have real pockets, the question is: to use the pockets, or not to use the pockets?

There are two camps on this issue.

Some say the pockets are there to be used for movie tickets, opera programs, cigars and other sleek items. In other words, definitely open your pockets up.

On the other hand, using the pockets can stress the seems and ruin the jacket over time. The jacket can also be easier to press without open pockets. So, you’ll have to pick a side.

If you’re on team open pockets, then you can ask your tailor to open the pockets, especially when you buy the jacket. If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can use a seam ripper to, well, rip the seam. You could also use a pair of nail clippers or fine scissors to cut the threads.

Broken Secrets

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Sources: Mens Warehouse, Ask Men

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