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Why Most New Stuff Comes Out on Tuesday

By Chad Upton | Editor

It’s always exciting when your favorite band releases a new album. But, why do they always come out on Tuesday?

It’s because DVD, Bluray, CD and video game sales are tracked by SoundScan, a company that compiles sales data on these items. They’re like Nielson TV ratings, except for music, movie and video game sales. In fact, SoundScan is even owned by Nielson.

They measure the number of weekly sales starting on Tuesday through to the following Monday. Publishers release new items on Tuesday so the first week of sales data is seven days; that means sales from that week can be compared to sales data from following weeks in an accurate way.

New movies hit theaters on either Wednesday or Friday. Friday is popular for big movies because a lot of people want to see them on the weekend and it will make the three day ticket sales look more impressive, making the movie sound like a hit. Wednesday is popular for movies that don’t want to compete with the Friday blockbusters.

Here’s a list of popular media and the days they come out:

Movies: Wednesday and Friday (Theater), Tueday (DVD and Bluray).

Music: Tuesday.

Video Games: Tuesday.

Books: There is no standard, although Tuesday is fairly common since they are also tracked by Nielson. They are often on shelves before their official release date, unless there is a large advertising campaign that indicates a specific date.

Comic Books: Wednesday.

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Exhaust Fans Help Cool Your Home During Summer

The upper floor of your home is likely the warmest place in your home. It’s not usually a big deal in the winter, but it can be very uncomfortable in the summer. It happens because hot air rises.

The ceiling of your upper floor also has the most insulation of any place in your home. It’s there because hot air rises — in the winter, you don’t want to lose that heat. It’s the same reason you put a hat on your head in the winter.

In the summer, that thick insulation in your attic is doing the same thing it does in the winter, trapping that heat on your upper floor. If you have a central heating/cooling system, it should suck hot air from the upper floor and mix it with cooler air. But, it’s not always running and it can’t always keep up with the hot air that is produced inside your home, from people, electronics and appliances.

A good solution is to run the ceiling exhaust fan in a central bathroom on the upper floor during the hottest hours of the day. To help, you can get an automatic timer control light switch; these can be used to run the fan and have it automatically shutoff after a certain amount of time — this might also be useful after somebody uses the toilet.

In some regions, it is even part of the building code that an on/off switch for the upper floor hallway bathroom fan is placed next to the thermostat on the main floor. It’s there so you can turn on the exhaust fan when you turn on the air conditioner (there is also a switch in the bathroom to control it from there). This is not a widespread building code, but it’s worth having a look beside your thermostat. If you’ve got a light switch there that doesn’t do anything, try it again and listen for the hallway fan.

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How to Properly Focus Your Digital Camera

If you’re like me, you know how awesome it is when a stranger offers to take your picture on vacation. But, they can easily undo the awesome if they don’t know how to focus.

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I used to sell digital cameras back in college and I’ve owned half a dozen or so. Frankly, if you’re reading this then you probably think you have something to learn.  Maybe a lot (or all) of your photos are blurry?

It usually takes a moment for your camera to properly focus on the subject, so if you press the shutter release button hard and expect a good picture instantly, then you’re betting on a long shot.

Most digital cameras have a number of different focus modes — the automatic mode is common for casual users. To initiate auto focus, you must press the shutter release button half way. Most cameras have a green light on the back of the camera or inside the viewfinder that will blink while the camera is focusing. The green light will stop flashing when the camera has focused on the subject. Most cameras also beep at this time. Once the green light is solid, press the shutter release button down the rest of the way to take the picture.

Viola. You’re in focus.

PS – Can we simplify “digital cameras” to just “cameras” yet?

Photo: Dr. Pat (Creative Commons) | More info: DigicamHelp

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