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Japanese Theft Deterrent

By Chad Upton | Editor

They sit on the counter in many Japanese stores, but they are not for sale.

At the size of a baseball, these bright spheres are placed in public view to deter theft. They’re not magical, they’re highly practical.

If a store or bank is robbed, the employees throw the baseballs at robbers as they leave the shop. Bright paint covers the thief, making it easy to identify them as they flee the scene and potentially prove their guilt when caught.

Although orange is the most popular color, they’re actually available in a variety of colors. They’re known as bohan balls, and they cost about 1500 yen ($18 USD).

The paint is brightly colored, glows in the dark and carries a strong odor. The odor is embarrassing, but more importantly, police dogs are trained to track it.

Oh and you can get a semi-automatic gun to shoot the balls too.

It’s called the Chaser because you can follow the criminals and still paint them or their getaway car from a safe distance.

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Satellite Dishes are Gray Because…

They are primed for painting. That’s right, it’s not just any gray: it’s primer gray. That means your dish can blend in or compliment your house if you paint it.

As for the type of paint, many people report good results with rust-oleum and Krylon Fusion (or similar).

If your dish is not gray then you may want to prime it first.


  • do not paint over the LNB (plastic cap at the focal point of the dish – see picture)
  • only use satin/flat paint (not glossy or metallic)
  • do not move the dish while painting it (unless you plan to re-aim it)
  • do not hurt yourself

PS – Sorry to my readers in “grey” countries. :)

Sources: Helium, DSS Geeks, Satellite Guys

Photo: angelrravelor a3r (cc)

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