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Solubilized Ibuprofen Fastest Non-Prescription Painkiller

By Chad Upton | Editor

If you get a lot of headaches, you might be dehydrated and need to drink more water. If you’ve tried that and you’re otherwise healthy, then you probably want the fastest over-the-counter drug you can buy.

Typical painkillers come in a number of formats:

  • Liquids
  • Liquid Gels
  • Chewable Tablets
  • Capsules/Caplets
  • Hard Tablets

This list is in order of the quickest for your stomach to break down. Generally, the harder it is for your stomach to breakdown the pill, the longer it will take to mitigate your pain. While the format does impact the speed of absorption, the drug itself does too.

In one scientific study, researchers found that solubilized ibuprofen (active ingredient in Advil Liqui-gels) was faster at curing headaches than acetaminophen (Tylenol). The median time for solubilized ibuprofen was 39 minutes while acetaminophen had a 53 minute median time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should take Advil over Tylenol. If you’re not sure which you should take, start by looking at this comparison of common over-the-counter painkillers and talking to your doctor.

Generic brand solubilized ibuprofen is available at many pharmacies too.

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May 11, 2011 at 2:00 am 4 comments

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