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You Shouldn’t Use Fabric Softener on Towels

I have a love-hate relationship with fabric softener.

The hate comes from all of the embarrassing moments they are responsible for. I remember being at work when a co-worker pointed out in front of a bunch of other people that a dryer sheet was hanging out of the bottom of my pant-leg. They all thought it was pretty funny of course, and I think most people have been there. I have a few other embarrassing dryer sheet stories, but the great things about them are more interesting.

Fabric softener is really useful in your laundry and understanding what it does and how it affects fabric is important to knowing when to use it.

Most modern washing machines have a reservoir that can automatically add fabric softener liquid to the load during the rinse cycle. Of course, fabric softeners are also available in my favorite form: dryer sheets. (more…)

March 12, 2010 at 12:01 am 11 comments

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