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How to Properly Focus Your Digital Camera

If you’re like me, you know how awesome it is when a stranger offers to take your picture on vacation. But, they can easily undo the awesome if they don’t know how to focus.

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I used to sell digital cameras back in college and I’ve owned half a dozen or so. Frankly, if you’re reading this then you probably think you have something to learn.  Maybe a lot (or all) of your photos are blurry?

It usually takes a moment for your camera to properly focus on the subject, so if you press the shutter release button hard and expect a good picture instantly, then you’re betting on a long shot.

Most digital cameras have a number of different focus modes — the automatic mode is common for casual users. To initiate auto focus, you must press the shutter release button half way. Most cameras have a green light on the back of the camera or inside the viewfinder that will blink while the camera is focusing. The green light will stop flashing when the camera has focused on the subject. Most cameras also beep at this time. Once the green light is solid, press the shutter release button down the rest of the way to take the picture.

Viola. You’re in focus.

PS – Can we simplify “digital cameras” to just “cameras” yet?

Photo: Dr. Pat (Creative Commons) | More info: DigicamHelp

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