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How to Taste Defective Wine

By Chad Upton | Editor

If you order wine at a fine restaurant, it can be expensive. So, you don’t want to pay big bucks for a bad bottle.

At some restaurants, the wine waiter or sommelier will usually pour a small sample and pass you the cork. Both of these gestures are done for the same reason, but not everyone knows what to do.

Basically, this is your chance to determine if the wine is faulty. It’s not a matter of whether you like it or not, it’s about if the wine has spoiled. It is estimated that 5% of wine is defective, so you’ll come across a bottle sooner or later.

There are a few things that can caused a wine to spoil before it’s opened.

  1. Oxidation
  2. Heat
  3. Sulfur Dioxide
  4. Cork Taint

Some people smell the cork, but the idea is actually to feel the cork, to ensure that it is moist all the way around the bottom (the end that was inside the bottle). The cork, or a synthetic material with similar properties, is meant to protect the wine by sealing it from outside air. Wine should be stored on its side, so the cork stays moist and doesn’t dry out. If it dries out, the air tight seal can be broken and the wine can be ruined. (more…)

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