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Real Names of Celebrities

By Kaye Nemec

It appears as though no one is really who we think they are…

  • Lady Gaga – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
  • Pink – Alecia Beth Moore
  • Tiger Woods – Eldrick Woods
  • Alicia Keys – Alicia Augello Cook
  • Jamie Foxx – Eric Bishop
  • Portia Di Rossi – Amanda Rogers
  • Hulk Hogan – Terry Gene Bollea
  • Fergie – Stacey Ann Ferguson
  • Jay-Z – Shawn Carter
  • Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight
  • Meat Loaf – Marvin Lee Aday
  • Larry King – Lawrence Ziegler
  • Chuck Norris – Carlos Ray Norris
  • Mr. T – Lawrence Tero
  • LL Cool J (“Ladies Love Cool James”) – James Todd Smith III
  • Stevie Wonder – Steveland Hardaway Judkins
  • Jon Stewart – Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
  • Muhammad Ali – Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Ferdinand Lewis “Lew” Alcindor, Jr
  • Woody Allen – Allen Stewart Konigsberg
  • Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Linn Anastassakis
  • Tony Bennett – Anthony Dominick Benedetto
  • Judy Blume – Judy Sussman
  • Lil Bow Wow – Shad Gregory Moss
  • Garth Brooks – Troyal Garth Brooks
  • Julia Child – Julia Carolyn McWilliams
  • Eminem – Marshall Bruce Mathers III
  • Whoopi Goldberg – Caryn Elaine Johnson
  • Pee Wee Herman – Paul Reubenfeld
  • Liberace – Wladziu Lee Valentino
  • Ralph Lauren – Ralph Lipschitz
  • Katy Perry – Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
  • Charlie Sheen – Carlos Irwin Estevez

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Celebrities Pay for Their Star on the Walk of Fame

On Hollywood Boulevard and a few other streets in Hollywood, there are thousands of five-pointed stars laid into the sidewalk. Each star represents a person or fictional character who has made significant impact on film, television, music, broadcasting or theater.

The Walk of Fame is managed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. They receive about 200 nominations per year and meet every June to decide who is worthy of a star. They award a star to an average of 20 celebrities per year.

Celebrities can be nominated for a star by anyone, as long as the nomination includes a letter from the celebrity or their management, indicating they support the nomination. For example, if you think Conan O’Brien deserves a star then you need to get a letter from him or his agent and provide that letter with the letter of nomination.

To be selected for this award is a huge honor. You really need to make a significant contribution to the entertainment world to get a Hollywood star.

If you’re given a star, it really is yours. In fact, you have to pay a one-time fee that covers the cost of the star to be manufactured and maintained forever. When the Walk of Fame began in 1960, the stars were free. However, the cost of repair and maintenance of so many monuments, made that infeasible. In 1980, they started charging a one time fee of $2500. Today, there are 2407 stars to maintain. It’s no surprise that the fee for new stars is higher than ever at $25,000.

Celebrities are required to show up for the unveiling of their star, they have 5 years after the announcement to schedule a date for unveiling. Among the awards, there is usually 1 posthumous award per year. To qualify for a posthumous award, the nominee must be deceased for at least 5 years and they are not required to show up for their unveiling.

Broken Secrets | By: Chad Upton

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Sources: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Wikipedia

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