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Survivor Contestants Cannot Share Winnings

This Sunday is the season finale of Survivor. I’m more of a Lost fan (hence the photo below), but these secrets are interesting even if you don’t watch the show. For those who do watch the show, this will give you plenty of things to think about on Sunday night.

Survivor is a serious contest. In fact, contestants are not allowed to make a pact where one or more will intentionally lose and the winner agrees to share the prize money with them. It is in their contract that they will face a $5 million penalty from CBS if they are caught doing this. Why have this rule? It ruins the drama, it takes away the cut throat nature of “surviving.”

There are often 300 or more crew members hidden at a nearby “base” camp. Depending on when and where the show is being made, the crew accommodations and working quarters vary from tents, cabins and shipping containers to hotels. The base camp has proper showers, bathrooms, catered meals and even a bar. A small group of crew members work in shifts at the contestant’s camp to keep their cameras and microphones trained on the cast day and night.

You never see the camera crews because they take great care not to be seen. In fact, the cast is not even allowed to talk to the production crew. The cast is only allowed to talk to the producer (Mark Burnett) and of course the host (Jeff Probst).

Junior crew members help test out the obstacles, puzzles and events. They actually have a dress rehearsal where these crew members will run the course just like the cast members do. This gives the production crew a chance to find the best camera angles and practice who will be shooting what. (more…)

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